A studio mindset in a Pandemic World

By Leonard Sweet

A congregational resource



If you are an Apostle, Prophet, Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist, Christian, Sunday School Teacher, Business person …or simply someone who lives on this planet, you might want to take note of these observations by Leonard Sweet, the author of more than sixty books and  the E. Stanley Jones Professor Emeritus at Drew University (New Jersey).

The team behind FaithPath has created a Picture Book and coloring posters for churches and communities to use. We are sharing all these resources here with Sweet’s permission.

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Picture Book. 

Inside the Picture Book

You can see pages below of “A STUDIO MINDSET in a Pandemic World.”

Additional resource to distribute

Our four coloring posters will  immerse your community in the biblical account of Jesus healing people.

These posters were initially created with children in mind – however, it is our experience that communities that use these coloring posters inevitably have the most meaningful experiences when children, youth, parents and older adults gather intergenerationally to create together.

The more we become like Christ,
the more different we become,
not the same.

Leonard Sweet