About FaithPath®

Bible Media

We at Bible Media, a faith-based NGO in Wellington, in South Africa believe we have found a way to better match Christian content to digital users. We do this by looking not directly at what users believe but rather how they believe. 

FaithPath uses survey-based classification of users into a range of “faith styles.” We use this to recognize and then direct users to corresponding content.


Our first job is to achieve resonance with users who identify as being on a spiritual path. We do this by plotting their answers to a questionnaire and revealing what we think of as the spiritual location of the user…sort of saying ‘You are Here’.” 

Our second job is to say, ok, you are here, now this might help you further along”. The “plotting” of the individual is based on the best research on faith development that his team has been exposed to over the past 10 years of working with Christian content. 

The academic work of James Fowler, an American theologian best known for the book Stages of Faith, has been a key influence on the team. There have also been meaningful developments since its publication, so we’ve really had to dig into the research part of this exercise as much as the technical part.

We believe there is a gap in the market for content filtering where the goal is nurturing.


FaithPath is an exciting new project at Bible Media. We are busy with a soft roll out in 2020. The early feedback is very exciting to us as developers. Users report that the visualisation and explanation of where they are on their journey of faith, empower them to see what the next steps are that they can take. FaithPath gives them direction on their journey of faith.

FaithPath has one mission: to inspire the Christian Way through transformative experiences. Early indications are that we are on our way to achieve that. We are well on our way towards a personalized FaithStyle Profile.

You can try FaithPath for yourself and discover where you are on your faith journey. If you enjoy it you can subscribe to our newsletter. Once you do, you’ll be kept up to date on our progress.