The answers you gave, helped us identify your faith style. From the combination of your answers, we can tell that you are an Embracer

Conventional Faith

Embracers are conventional believers. They value community and holding on to the unchanging truths of teaching and texts.

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Anchored in faith

You are someone who has faith in deep unchanging truths.You have claimed your own faith. You are helped in this by important adults in your life as well as your friends. You rely on your community to guide you on your path of faith.

You understand what faith is about. What once were only simple unrelated stories and rituals now makes sense to you. You can string these Biblical stories together and know the values and life lessons they teach. You see the layers of meaning in the stories, rituals and symbols of your faith.

Earlier you had an intense desire and need to know how things really are. You seek out (or want to seek out) friends and groups of people who share your interests and values. 

Witnessing about the eternal truths

You have the ability to see things from someone else’s perspective. You can imagine what others think about you and your faith. 

Working towards harmony, agreement and consensus

Sometimes you think critically about what you believe and other times you just go with the flow. When you have critical thoughts about what people around you believe, you are sometimes afraid to say it out loud. You are unsure how the people around you will react. You are also a bit afraid they will push you out of the group.

Relying on our community to guide me on my path

When talking about what you believe you appreciate the guidance of people who are more knowledgeable than you. You try and make their advice your own.

It is important for you to understand what you and the people you relate with, believe. This you then trust and follows.

Embracing life lessons

You know that you are asked to be obedient to what is being taught. Even though it is sometimes difficult you try and live it to the best of your ability. 

Relying on conventional wisdom to heal

These life lessons were taught to you by people you trust. You rely on these consistent guidelines for direction. The truths you believe are based on the Bible. They are also taught by your leaders.

Striving to be a ‘good’ member of the community


You feel deeply connected to your church or community. You enjoy to associated with the community in which you grew up. For you faith has to do with other people. You share ways of doing things, habits and ways of thinking. 

You live the values that are important for relationships with others. You hold on to critical values such as loyalty, honesty and integrity. You trust the leaders your community have chosen.


I feel connected to our leaders and trust them

You follow the examples of the leader/s of your community. You select leaders who pulls you in and inspire you by their charm, force of personality and strength of character.

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