Why are some people more content, confident, and focused than others?

Understanding your FaithStyle is key to achieving  connection, peace, and purpose

You’ve very likely just finished reading the overview of the Conventional FaithStyle. It is quite general, and we hope you found that most of it resonated. However, your FaithStyle is as personal and detailed as your fingermark. You’re still yet to discover the remaining 95% of your personalized FaithStyle. That’s not an overstatement. So far, we’ve barely touched the surface.

We’ve spent hours combing through people’s life stories and experiences, analyzing theories, and testing different approaches. We did all this so we could help people with a Conventional FaithStyle, like you, plot where they are on their faith Journey. Our FaithStyle graph helps people truly understand themselves, their faith journey and unlocking their inner power.

Our FaithStyle Reports are full of knowledge and resources designed to help believers like you discover the next steps on their journey of faith. We explain how you specifically act, think and believe.


I discovered,
not what I had to do or how I had to believe,
but where I am on my journey of faith.
It is eye-opening!



Our reports have already helped many people discover their FaithStyle, find direction, and self-understanding they’ve longed for. Now you’re just moments away from having insights like these too.

What will you find inside?

FaithStyle Graph

Get better at navigating life and faith. See your unique faith mindset in the form of a graph.

Key FaithStyle Roles

Discover your individual faith traits as a person, and discover how you can leverage them for personal as well as spiritual growth.

Next Steps

Explore the next faith challenge of your life and which of your faith mindsets can help or hinder your growth.

Following Jesus

Rediscover Jesus-stories that could be a clue for where you are in life now.


Discover your strengths and potential as a parent – including suggestions for activities to explore with your children.

Let’s continue your journey!

Premium FaithStyle Profile


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