The answers you gave, helped us identify your faith style. From the combination of your answers, we can tell that you are an Integrator

Paradoxical Faith

Integrators are multi-perspective believers.
They re-examine faith, embracing paradox and seeking deeper truths

Integrators’ faith can be outlined as:

Integrating faith

Integrators are at a stage in their lives where they seek to connect the dots of their faith journey. They seek to combine the seemingly paradoxical aspects of life and faith. They want to embrace the paradox which is life and re-examine truths they previously embraced quite tightly. When making decisions Integrators are open to contradictions.

Integrators explore problems from different perspectives to help them see the complexity.

Inviting diverse perspectives

Integrators are at a stage in their life where you are becoming more aware of the Mystery in all of life.  This awareness leads to a deep sense of okay-ness. They feel more and more whole and at peace. This feeling of being adequate enables them to accept and believe what cannot be fully understood or explained. 

Embracing the values of an open system

When talking to people Integrators focus on the deeper truths behind their words. They are less and less upset by mismatches. They are trying to find their way through many different systems, some even contradicting others. For Integrator’s faith is multi-faceted.

Guided by simplicity and humanity

Integrator’s faith goes hand in hand with an ability to rest in solitude. It also leads to compassion, even with people who are very different than you. They find themselves reconnecting to old faith communities. It feels as if they are moving into a post-critical phase of faith.

Comfortable with your own shortcomings

Integrators are becoming more comfortable living with contradictions. They are less unsettled by shortcomings in themselves and others.

They are less struggling and questioning on their journey of faith. It feels much more comfortable now. Integrators have found some answers, they life and love. But they are also comfortable knowing that some answers might never be easily found.

They are discovering that these other perspectives do not push them away from their own faith.

Integrators, however, have a feeling that this openness is moving them to be more simple on the one hand and also more fully human on the other. This makes it easier to relate to people with different faith styles than their own, without condescension.

Exploring perspectives, not seeking explanations

Integrators are discovering that they are putting their faith more and more into action, challenging the status quo and working towards justice in the world.

They tend to think of their problems or questions through a number of perspectives. Integrators often use a range of different ways to examine issues. They use different points of view when seeking clarity.

They are open to experience complexity. 

Enjoy others for who they are, stop defending my own perspective

Integrators spend less time on individual self-reflection. They are developing a sense of the importance of other people and relationships on their path of growth.

They find that they are much more open to other people’s perspectives on faith and life. Integrators are realising that their perspectives can inform and deepen their own. They make an effort to see themselves and what they believe through the eyes of other people. They accept that other people’s point of view differ from theirs. They feel less and less driven to defend their own perspectives.

Embrace mystery, adopt multiple perspective-taking

Integrators are discovering that mystery and disciplines are helping them practice multiple perspective-taking. They are no longer seeking one unifying system to order all their ideas. They trust those insights will grow if they stay in the process. They are becoming more and more cautious of closed definitions. They follow and imitate gurus only when they understand multiple perspective-taking.

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