The answers you gave, helped us identify your faith style. 

You are a reflective

Reflectives are rational individual believers.

They are always seeking personal understanding and interpretation.

Reflective’s faith can be outlined as:

  • Reinterpreting faith for themselves
  • Engaging in respectful discussions
  • Creating social order through rules, rights and duties
  • Guided by the principles behind the ‘rules’
  • Examining truths, gaining maturity in faith
  • Growing by making up their own mind
  • Constructing a theory on how people should relate to each other
  • Following leaders who represents their worldview

Reinterpreting faith for myself

Reflectives are believers who wants to rationally examine all truths. Their faith are built on reasoning and reflecting. They trust their own interpretation of faith to make balanced decisions. For them, truth should always be intellectually sound and personal.

It is important for Reflectives to know how their understanding of faith is unique.

Engaging in respectful discussions

Reflectives rely on respectful discussions when talking about what they believe. They always seek to name the underlying principles behind their thinking. They try to make their values visible and understandable.

I follow leaders who represents my worldview

Reflectives choose who to believe based on how much like-mindedness they feel with them. They follow their leaders’ advice because they feel close to their thinking and principles. 

Creating social order through rules, rights and duties

Reflectives practice disciplines that are grounded in sets of ideas or world-views they identify with. They try to create social order through translating ideas into rules, rights and duties.

Constructing a theory on how people should relate to each other

Reflectives form their own theory of how people should behave towards each other. This is built around general requirements, guidelines or principles of relationship. They know which system or groups people are part of. This helps them understand where people fit or don’t fit. Even though Reflectives consider a wide range of viewpoints, they trust their own perspective.

Guided by the principles behind the 'rules'

Reflectives are rethinking the way in which things are usually done in their group or community. They are questioning firmly held beliefs or opinion. Sometimes it feels as if they want to rebel against the group and its leaders. Sometimes it feels as if they just want to withdraw.

Reflectives are sometimes in a state of having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about things and people. They are caught between a desire to belong and a need to be independent. This could make them unclear in their mind about what they believe and how they want to live.

Growing by making up my own mind

Alongside this questioning of their assumptions, Reflectives also question the authority structures in their faith. They have a growing need to make up their own mind. 

There will be times of discomfort for them when they start asking questions in their community. They will even feel the need to leave if the answers of their community doesn’t make sense to them anymore.

Examining truths, gaining maturity in faith

Reflectives are at a stage where they are taking greater ownership of their own faith journey. They are gaining greater maturity in faith. They are doing this by rejecting some parts of their previous understanding of faith while also affirming others.

The way Reflectives are doing this is by questioning their own assumptions around the faith tradition they have been embracing till now.